OECS 12 -  Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems

The international conference on Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems (OECS12) took place in Paris (12th to 16th September 2011).

OECS12 was the 12th of a very successful series of conferences that started in 1987 in Rome and took place in Madrid in 2009 (www.oecs11.org). It was addressed to scientists who lead fundamental and applied research on the optical properties of excitons in novel condensed-matter nanostructures. The 2011 meeting brought together in Paris many world leading actors in this domain, with the aim of stimulating the exchange of ideas, promoting international collaborations, and coordinating research on the newest exciton-related issues, such as quantum information science and exciton quantum-collective phenomena.

The meeting covered the following topics:

  1. Low-dimensional nanostructures: quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots

  2. Light-matter interaction in microcavities

  3. Quantum optics with excitons and polaritons

  4. Bose-Einstein condensation

  5. Quantum coherent phenomena

  6. Excitons in novel materials

  7. Optical spintronics

The OECS12 conference was held in the historical Cité Universitaire Internationale, located within Paris, at walking distance from all public transportations and with easy access to the two international airports.

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